South West London CCGs have approved the London wide Freestyle Libre guidance and tools, and implementation is being rolled out in South West London Trusts from October 2019.

Freestyle Libre® Prescribing Guidance

1. Flash Glucose SWL Policy Final v1

2. Abbott clinical waste disposal information

Summary Information for Primary Care and Community Pharmacy

3. Primary care information sheet

4. Community pharmacy information sheet

Notification and Transfer Forms

5. Notification Letter

6. Initiation Form

7. Continuation Form

1. Flash Glucose Family SWL Policy v3 final.pdf
2. Abbott Update-on-FreeStyle-Libre-clinical-waste-disposal.pdf
Flash GM CONTINUATION editable form.docx
Flash GM CONTINUATION form.pdf
Flash GM INITIATION editable form.docx
Flash GM INITIATION form.pdf
Flash GM NOTIFICATION editable letter.docx
Flash GM NOTIFICATION letter.pdf
FreeStyle Libre Primary Care Information sheet.pdf
LPP FreeStyle-Libre-commpharm-sheet-090518-v2.pdf