​​​​​​SWL Medicines Optimisation Group​

The South West London Medicines Optimisation Group (SWL MOG) is a joint primary and secondary care group that works with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Acute and Mental Health Trusts and Community Service Providers in the SW London area.​ It has the following key roles:

  • Develop monitoring arrangements and effectiveness measures against the main priorities of the SWL Medicines Optimisation Group.
  • Provide a forum for informed discussion between clinicians from both primary and secondary care on medicines management and optimisation issues.
  • Ensure equity of access to medicines for patients across SWL as per NHS Constitution and identify and manage implications of any significant changes in practice.
  • Ensure that robust standards and governance arrangements underpin SWL wide commissioning arrangements, decision-making / advice related to medicines as per NHS Constitution.
  • Provide timely specialist advice and recommendations on medicines and associated pathways used by acute Trusts as required and at the interface to the 6 SWL CCGs and NEL (Commissioning Support Unit) as appropriate.
The following organisations participate in the group (Note: List not exhaustive - please refer to Terms of Reference for complete list):


Group Managed by:




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